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To assist you as you consider pre-planning of funeral services we have compiled these Frequently Asked Questions. If you have further questions please feel free to contact us.

What is Pre-Planning?

Pre-planning a funeral allows an individual to make specific choices for a funeral service based on personal preferences before death. Pre-planning also allows funeral pre-paying so that family members of the deceased will not have the financial responsibility when a death occurs.

What is Pre-Paying?

Pre-paying a funeral allows an individual to pay for specific personal choices for his/her funeral service before death.

What are the advantages Pre-Planning/Pre-Paying?

Pre-planning ensures that all of your final wishes will be fulfilled. Because death is a difficult subject to discuss, often times your true wishes may not be known or fully understood by your family.

Pre-paying can eliminate the financial burden that a funeral might pose on your survivors, and by pre-planning, your funeral will cost less now than it would in the future.

Pre-planning provides you and your family with peace-of-mind in knowing that everything has been “taken care of” in the manner you specified.

Do I Have To Pre-pay For My Funeral Now?

No. Many people choose to have their final arrangements known in advance, even decide upon the type of ceremony and casket, without actually paying for these items. Getting your wishes down in writing is the most important thing, so that there is no confusion about your intentions at the time of your death.

In some situations, we advise that if there is a life insurance policy in place there is no need to pre-pay. The person can invest monies on his/her own to make more money.

What Payment Options Are Available?

While most people pay for their funeral in one lump sum, you can also set up a payment plan that is convenient for you.

What Happens If Funeral Prices Increase?

By pre-paying for your arrangements, you can lock in funeral service charges and mechandise at today’s lower prices. Once your funeral service charges and merchandise is paid for, we guarantee, in writing, that your family or estate will not have to pay any additional costs towards those expenses.

The option of pre-paying other expenses involved such as, clergy honorarium, cemetery fees and newspaper charges, is available. You may elect to set aside monies to apply toward the final price of said expenses at the time in need.

What are Guaranteed and Non-Guaranteed Contracts?

A”Guaranteed Contract” states that the funeral home guarantees to provide the services and/or merchandise selected for the amount of money stated in the contract. This means that your family or your estate will not be required to pay any additional costs for the items guaranteed, except for the unexpected charges incurred (for example: the need for shipment of remains from a distance beyond 50 miles.)

If a contract does not guarantee the prices charged, it must be clearly identified as a “Non-Guaranteed Contract.” The amount paid will be determined at the time the services and/or merchandise are needed. Any amount paid pre-need will earn interest and will be considered a deposit to be used toward the final price at the time of need, which will earn interest.

Should I Compare Different Funeral Homes?

If you have never worked with a funeral home in the past, you may want to meet with personnel from a number of funeral homes before you make your decision. All funeral homes in our area offer some sort of pre-planning program and all are priced competitively. While price is an important consideration, it should not be the only one. You should also compare things such as: the quality of the facilities, professionalism of the staff, and their attention to your needs in offering a service that is right for you.

How Can I Begin The Pre-Planning Process?

Call us, stop by, or you may fill out our on-line form to begin the process.

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